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Northern Ontario, Sudbury

Industries: Accounting, Administrative, Arts, Business, Engineering, Environmental, Human Resources, IT, Medical Equipment, Mining, Policing, Public Relations, Restaurant, Tourism, Travel, Utilities

Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, has been a leading postsecondary institution in Northern Ontario since its first classes were held in 1967. The College has a vibrant community of more than 14,000 learners – over 4,500 students in 70 full-time programs, plus over 7,500 students in almost 900 part-time courses/programs. It offers programming at three campuses and serves a student population that is reflective of the rich diversity of today’s global workplaces.

Cambrian College in Sudbury is one of the 24 colleges of applied arts and technology that comprise the Ontario College System. Established in 1967, the College System provides career-oriented education that combines theory with practical, hands-on experience to ensure an educated, skilled graduate who is more quickly and easily integrated into the work force.

Created to provide para-professional educational opportunities, the Ontario College System serves a client base ranging from the high school graduate to members of the business, industrial and professional communities...from those just learning to read to the highly skilled...from the young to the not so young.

Cambrian College not only exemplifies the System, but also reflects the role education has come to play in effecting social, cultural and economic change.

Cambrian has over 4,500 full-time students enrolled in business, applied arts, human services, health sciences, technology, communication and creative arts, apprenticeship, skills, and trades, with an additional 7,500 registrations taken annually in part-time personal, professional, and human resources development courses and seminars.

The College offers approximately 70 full-time programs, a number of which are designed specifically for the Aboriginal community, and about 900 part-time continuing education programs, courses, seminars, customized training packages, and distance education opportunities. A number of these programs and courses are delivered in a distance education format through teleconferencing, independent study, and the Internet.

Cambrian exemplifies the Canadian mosaic through its diverse and multi-cultural community that includes Aboriginal and international students.

Sudbury and other northern communities are evolving, are diversifying, are becoming leaders in the global economy. And so, too, is Cambrian.

Working in partnership with the business, industrial and professional communities, Cambrian helps ensure a continued skilled and competitive work force. It is a partnership of many benefits. Through a variety of employee and management professional development opportunities, Cambrian assists business, industry and the professions to address their human resources requirements. In turn, these communities, through membership on the College's Program Advisory Committees and Board of Governors, assist Cambrian in ensuring that programs and courses remain relevant and that graduates have the competitive edge in the job market.

Cambrian also works in partnership with numerous school boards, training institutes, universities and other institutions locally, nationally, and internationally in order to provide additional educational opportunities and to share expertise and resources.

On the international scene, Cambrian's collaborations with various business and educational partners abroad contribute to the social, economic, and cultural growth of the community and, ultimately, to that of the country. Through these, the College exchanges expertise, knowledge and experience as well as cultural perspectives and a variety of teaching and learning methodologies.


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