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Industries: Engineering

Carleton University’s research-intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design is recognized as one of Canada’s leading institutions in the study and research of engineering, architecture, industrial design, and information technology, offering a comprehensive platform of programs to more than 5,700 students.

About the program

Carleton University’s Faculty of Engineering and Design provides a stimulating and supportive community where students work on invigorating and challenging team projects, are exposed to leaders of industry and research, and are given the opportunity to express their creativity and innovation in preparation for a rewarding career in a highly desired field.

With a comprehensive range of innovative and unique engineering and design programs to choose from, Carleton offers the flexibility to select the degree that best reflects individual interests, aptitudes, and career goals. Students can graduate with the knowledge to design buildings, aircrafts, software, telecommunications systems, medical devices, environmental solutions for pollution, and much more. Many of its programs offer additional opportunities for specialization through concentrations and streams.

What makes us unique

Carleton’s national capital location, combined with its strong reputation in cutting-edge research, has led to well established partnerships with industry and collaboration with government departments and agencies.

Research opportunities

Graduate students in Carleton’s engineering and design programs are granted access to world-class, industry-sponsored facilities, including state-of-the-art wind tunnels and strong floors, microchip fabrication facilities, and the latest in laboratories, advanced computer and networking platforms.

Carleton’s recognized expertise in fields, such as electrical and computer engineering, produces highly qualified graduates who are prepared for careers in industries like telecommunications, real-time embedded systems, sensors and data analytics, photonics, biomedical engineering, and interactive multimedia systems.

* Most graduate programs are offered through Ottawa-Carleton joint institutes.


Contact information

Carleton University - Faculty of Engineering and Design
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