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Across Ontario
Industries: Elderly care, Health Care, Hospitals
Job Types: Full Time

A little bit about us

At Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), we have a client-centred philosophy. It is our mission to ensure people across Ontario are provided with the proper care they need at home and throughout their communities.

We help our clients understand their care options, and ensure we connect them with quality local health care and resources. Our health care roster includes nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, registered dietitians, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists.

CCACs assist individuals of all ages and diagnoses with one common goal: deliver community-based and in-home services to support our clients and their caregivers to live the fullest and healthiest lives possible.

Why you'll enjoy working here

Are you a recent or upcoming grad interested in making an impact on the lives of others? Working as a care coordinator with CCAC means you’ll immerse yourself in meaningful work right after graduation. Whether you’re working in the community, in the office, or on-site at a hospital, it’s your duty to lead people in the directions that match their health care needs.

CCACs each have a part in enhancing the quality of life of our clients, the opportunity to work independently in a supportive team environment, and make decisions that will have immediate impact on the well being and care of others. Be a part of our team; go to and find your opportunity.

What we look for in our candidates

At CCAC, we look for highly skilled, empathetic, and personable new grads to match the demands of being a care coordinator. While you may have designations in registered nursing or physiotherapy, CCACs’ care coordinators have an interdisciplinary perspective and extensive knowledge of health services and resources in Ontario.

Our CCAC care coordinators are client-centred and are eager to help individuals and their families navigate through very complex health care environments. With each of our clients, they assess risk, organize priorities, and create and execute action plans.

New grads: Are you compassionate, caring, and respectful of the unique needs of each individual and situation? Are you ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health care delivery system? Do you want to enjoy independence and flexibility while making decisions that have a direct impact on your clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we believe you’ve found your early career match as a CCAC care coordinator!

In the community

These care coordinators meet with clients and their families in the community, conduct face-to-face assessments and link each client with care resources and services. They also have the flexibility of setting their own schedules as most of their work is done remotely with clients.

In local hospitals

CCAC care coordinators in hospitals work directly with health care staff, clients, and their families. They regularly conduct bedside assessments with patients, monitoring next steps to transition home and set up community care if needed.

In the main office

In-office care coordinators are in charge of triaging telephone requests (prioritizing clients by condition), and also respond to information needs. They improve CCACs’ ability to quickly and effectively respond to patient and service needs.

Brampton, ON
1 month
Richmond Hill, ON
1 month
London, ON
1 month
Etobicoke, ON
3 weeks
Etobicoke, ON
3 weeks
Brampton, ON
3 weeks