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You want to make the most of your time in post-secondary. The two-to-four years will breeze by, and you want to do something to show for it.

Make a difference and leave behind your DNA in the forms of policy, possessions, or your word. This way you won’t just be another number or student who once went to “that school” during “that one time” and graduated “that one year.”

Below you will find three unique ways to leave your mark before graduating from school.

This way you won’t just be another number or student who once went to “that school” during “that one time” and graduated “that one year.”

1. Join a club or school council

This is an absolute must! This is the time to meet new people and, most of all, grow as an individual. For example, running for school president is a fantastic way to build character.

Joining school council requires campaigning and self-promotion. If you’re shy, here’s your chance to break out of your shell, talk to the people on campus, and find out the changes students would like to see on campus.

Build your base on the issues, take note of problems, and vow to fix them. You will make new friends, develop confidence, find yourself, and leave an impact at your school for years to come. Other options include joining a school sports team, or even other educational clubs in robotics, chess, or young entrepreneurship.

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The possibilities are endless and you will grow socially. Plus, you’ll have a cool group photo you can look back on.

2. Leave a student capsule

Gather all of the items you don’t need anymore by end of the semester, put them in a container, and bury it—even ask if it can be stored in your school. The container can carry anything from old textbooks, equipment, photos, or letters.

Making a capsule allows you to leave your mark by giving future generations a tangible taste of what it was like to be a student during your time.

If anything, you can even make note to dig up the capsule years down the road, so you can reflect and look back on your time in school. This can be quite special either way.

3. Write for the school publication

This is another extraordinary way to leave your print—literally. Almost every school has a publication. Additionally, school publications are open to story ideas and encourage freelance work as long as it’s connected to the school in some way.

Once it’s published and printed, make sure to collect a handful of physical copies and keep the online link to the story once it’s published on the web as this typically stays online for a long time.

This way you can look back at the story later and reflect on the issue at hand, how you wrote, and be proud of the fact you contributed to your school’s history in some way.   

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