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To be successful in sales it takes more than just having the gift of gab. You need a passion for the products you are selling and a desire to help your customers’ dreams come to life.

One industry that is seeing a serious shake-up is in the home appliances sector. With the recent explosion of styles, finishes and technological innovation, being an appliance sales specialist has never been so rewarding.

“Staying focused, being proactive, and providing outstanding customer service from your initial greeting to the final sale is my secret to success,” says Sam de Silva, an appliance sales specialist with more than 15-years experience at the Brampton North Home Depot store in Ontario, Canada.

Sam is one of the top appliance specialists in Canada and to get to where he is today, he stresses the importance of staying up-to-date and educated on the products’ latest features and benefits. Being able to explain and demonstrate the value and innovation of a product during the selling phase is a key factor to winning the trust of your customer and eventually closing the sale.

 “A recent innovation I’ve seen in appliances is the virtual flame technology by Samsung,” shares Sam. “By combining the visual of gas cooking with the precision of induction cooking, this cooktop provides a superior cooking experience.”

He goes on to explain that induction stovetops use magnetic fields to generate heat from a pot’s electrical resistance, which leads to quick boiling and even cooking. Because heat is only generated when the pot meets the burner, the blue LED lights give homeowners a visual cue when it’s time to start making dinner.

When asked about other appliance trends, Sam offers a different perspective. “The coolest appliance trend I’ve seen is the way Wi-Fi connectivity maximizes safety in the kitchen,” he explains. “This new technology offers homeowners peace of mind by allowing them to monitor and control household appliances using their smartphone.”

However, product knowledge alone will not close the sale. Make sure you read your customer carefully. If they are not ready to purchase and still in the research stage, continue to educate and provide them with top reasons as to why they should buy an appliance from you opposed to the competitor. Information on deliveries, financing and warranties gives the customer a full 360 view of what they can expect.

“It is integral for a successful salesperson to have excellent negotiation skills and the ability to overcome hurdles,” closes Sam. “The goal is to never fear asking for the sale.”