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It's time to think big. To become more visible to potential employers, it isn't enough to simply rely on your social media profiles. If you want a more notable presence on the net and an edge over competitors in your job search, starting a blog is a definite step in the right direction.
With millions of blogs online, it'll be harder to get noticed as the competition increases, but with a splash of personal branding, rich and thoughtful content, you can still build a massive following and reputation.
Here's why:
Blogging will push you to into a world of self-discovery, both online and offline. It will encourage you to refine your research skills to write well-informed posts'not to mention seek out interesting workshops and other events within your industry or interests. It can help you build your reputation, increase your expertise, assist you in keeping up with what's going on in your industry, and give you a place to visually showcase your knowledge.
Reading and writing blogs can also make you part of a select community of people who trade ideas and can help you build relationships with others that share similar interests. These connections and interactions will open doors, widen your horizons, and have you discovering infinite possibilities.
Are you convinced yet?
From free resources'Tumblr, Blogger, and Wordpress, for example'to paid alternatives with more features and design freedom, there are many ways to get your blog started. It all begins with a little planning.
Step one: define and share your message
What's your angle? What original content can you offer that readers won't find anywhere else? Your blog is a proactive platform that allows you to talk about issues you care about. In writing about a specific topic, you're forming your audience and creating your brand. Keep your readers in mind and reflect your content in your layout to draw in more of the people you think would be interested.
Showcasing content that is relevant to your line of work is essentially like developing a working, growing r├®sum├®.
Step two: post regularly
How will people remember to read your blog if you only post once a month? Not only does posting regularly let your readers know what to expect and keep them hooked on your content, but it also generates more views for your blog. Writing a blog does take time and effort, which is why you should choose to write about something you enjoy.
That said, never forget the golden rule: quality over quantity.
Step three: use social media
There's no better way to interact with your readers than by engaging them in constant conversation. Social media allows for self-promotion through different channels, which can help you network and maintain relationships with your readers. It's a simple way to promote your work while also discovering what else your following wants to read.
Your blog can become your resum├® and portfolio in an all-in-one cyber-package. What better way to show off your communications skills and introduce your personality, while making new connections in your field?
Happy blogging!
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