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The Home Depot Canada is a job central with positions ranging from standard cashiers to high-end home designers and everything in-between. Finding one that not only matches your personality but your driving interests as well is a cinch!

Retail Staffing Specialist Sandra Santos says although experience in specific departments is not required for many of the sales positions due to the training provided by Home Depot, it is considered an asset.

Here are the Home Depot positions that could suit you and your favourite hobbies perfectly.

Your hobby: Gardening

You love being outdoors watering, pruning, weeding, and everything else needed to keep that award-winning (at least in your mind) garden healthy and happy. You have a natural green thumb and the ability to name any plant or flower from agave to zinnia, (and have planted most of them too!). Your home or apartment decor is not complete without the perfect potted plant set up in every room while ensuring each one is getting an appropriate amount of light at the appropriate temperature as per the label.

Your ideal job: Garden centre associate

Garden centre associates are responsible for taking care of customers in their outdoor department. Working in this section, you will be dealing with the upkeep of both indoor and outdoor plants, annuals, and perennials. A knowledge of the different types of plants and their maintenance levels would be a definite advantage, says Santos, in order to guide people like herself who do not have as much experience.

Your hobby: Cooking

Doesn't matter whether it's baking, frying, grilling, sautéing, or roasting, you're a marvel at every one. You have all the high-end mixers, processors, and knife sets fit for a head chef at the local bistro and know how to use them to their greatest potential.  Cooking for friends, family, and even your dog is your favourite pastime, and they all take advantage of your skills and knowledge.

Your ideal job: Appliance sales associate

As an appliance sales associate, you'll be working in the appliance and custom kitchen show rooms assisting customers with the various merchandise available for purchase. An idea of what each appliance does, how it works, and what it's for is key for this high-sales position. Santos says an individual in this position needs to be able to educate the shopper so that they find the right appliance to meet their everyday needs.

Your hobby: Painting

You're the go-to painter in your group of friends, knowing how to use a roller, frame your walls, and apply stucco. Your whole house is adorned floor to ceiling with professional-looking paint jobs that you didn't even need to hire a pro to do! Knowing what colours complement each other and work in each room is also your forte. Painting is your hobby and for you, there just aren't enough walls to satisfy it!

Your ideal job: Paint sales associate

Working at the paint desk mixing colours is a job you would be sure to excel at! Your knowledge of the difference between oil and latex paints, primers, and finishes would go a long way in assisting confused or hesitant customers. Santos says there is also a bit of creativity required for this role so that you can make suggestions and even offer painting ideas that they may not have considered.

Your hobby: Cleaning and organizing

Can you not stand to leave your house with dirty dishes in the sink, mail and bills all over your desk, or magazines and DVDs strewn about your sectional? Are your books organized and sorted in a way similar to that of a library? Or do you have a cleaning routine that is so efficient you won't ever waver from the step-by-step guide you have formulated for yourself?  Believe it or not, cleaning and organizing is a hobby of yours!

Your ideal job: Merchandise execution associate

Your ability to keep any and everything around you neat and tidy will certainly help you in this role. You will need to pay close attention to your department's appearance so that you can keep it looking Grand-Open ready at all times, according to Santos. Being able to fill the shelves with products in ways to catch customers' eyes will also be a talent that will not go unnoticed.

Your hobby: DIY projects

You are Mr. or Ms. Fix-it, ready to take on any and every project at your house (and occasionally your neighbour's). It doesn't matter if it's as simple as fixing a loose chair leg or as complex as renovating your entire basement, you can handle it. Your shiny red toolbox is your treasure and something you just can't imagine being without. And new projects don't give you heartburn but rather excite you with new challenges and obstacles that you know you have the skills to overcome.

Your ideal job: Tool rental technician

When rental tools are returned to the store, The Home Depot's tool rental technician is responsible for testing and ensuring they are still in good working order before being put back onto the floor for the next customer to use. With a background on how the tools function, as well as an in-depth training for the role, fixing them up should be a breeze for any DIY geniuses.