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Project Manager Apprentice

2 hours 48 min
Job Type: 
Full Time
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Job Location: 
All of Canada
IBMs Tech Re-Entry Apprenticeship program develops talented technical professionals who are looking to restart their careers after an absence from the workforce of two years or more. This paid 12-week Apprenticeship enables participants to work on projects that match their expertise, interests and abilities and could lead to full-time employment. In the same way an internship offers a guided period of exploration, the IBM Tech Re-entry Apprenticeship program provides participants with an opportunity to update their skills in a work environment that may have significantly changed since their last experience. Apprentices will have access to the latest tools and technologies available and work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers and business professionals to hone their expertise and focus on the next generation of processes and software. The program will also provide the opportunity to experience the breadth of IBM resources while developing new relationships. Apprenticeship position is currently available for a Project Manager Apprentice in the IBM Global Technology Services business unit. The position is available in Florenceville, NB or Saint John, NB

Since receiving the Randstad Award for Canada's Most Attractive Employer (ranked #1 in 2015), IBM is expanding its New Brunswick footprint by growing its IT Services Centre.

Through partnership and collaboration, IBM is planting the economic development seeds to help transition New Brunswick into a knowledge worker economy that can positively tackle challenges for the benefit of all Canadians and organizations around the world. Will you join us?

What will you do as a Project Manager Apprentice?
Working as a Project Manager apprentice for IBM's Systems Management Integration Infrastructure team, you will be responsible for driving infrastructure upgrades, move to cloud initiatives, assisting the manager and team lead with approval functions for new capital, scrutiny over security records, and advisory on other processes. You will be responsible for all facets of the project, Initiating, Planning, Executing, Control and Project Close.

What do we look for in a successful IBM Project Manager Apprentice?
Strong communication skills (verbal and written) with willingness to take on varying challenges
Ability to lead and manage medium to high complexity contracts/projects

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