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IBM Runtimes Software Developer

1 day 2 hours
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Full Time
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Are you passionate about technology? Do you love building new things? Do you want to develop the future of IBM's Cloud offerings? If you answered YES, then we have the right opportunity for you!

The shift toward the consumption of IT as a service, specifically, the Cloud, is one of the most important changes to happen to our industry in decades. At IBM, we are driven to shift our technology to an as-a-service model and to help our clients transform themselves to take full advantage of the cloud. With industry leadership in analytics, security, commerce, and cognitive computing and with unmatched hardware and software design and industrial research capabilities, no other company is as well positioned to address the full opportunity of cloud computing.

The successful candidate will work as part of the IBM Runtimes team which is a fast paced team that works on many different technologies simultaneously including the IBM Java Virtual Machine. Our team has a high rate of innovation and delivery into internal and open-source software projects such as the Eclipse OMR project. Technologies that we build and influence include garbage collection, interpretation, visualization and platform exploitation, all in the context of virtual machines for interpreted languages. Our team members are enthusiastic, curious types that are interested in different languages (such as Java, JavaScript/Node.js and Swift). They work with the internals at the runtime layer of those and many other languages. We work on a variety of architectures (x86, POWER, z/Architecture, ARM) and operating systems (Linux, Windows, OS X, AIX, z/OS). Our work is part of the foundation of many of IBM's products and strategic directions.

Key responsibilities:
  • Design, implementation, verification and support of language level runtimes, in particular Java, JavaScript and Swift
  • Involvement in key open-source software projects
The successful candidate will ideally have the following:
  • Passionate about agile development practices and improving software and the processes that support writing high quality software
  • Interest and participation in open-source software projects
  • Experience with numerous programming languages including dynamic scripting languages is a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with peers
If you are passionate about delivering software the world runs on. If you are an innovator that wants to help share the future of software, this may be the opportunity for you.

This role will involve working with technology that is covered by embargo Export Regulations. If you are a Foreign National from any of the following embargoed countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) on a work permit, you are not eligible for employment in this position.

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