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Financial Advisor: Windsor Tri-County

Investors Group
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Full Time
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Financial Services
Project Management
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Financial Advisor:  Windsor Tri-County

Investors Group helps individual Canadians with their personal finances and their long-term financial and investment needs.

Our history

Founded in 1926, their first office was located in Winnipeg, where the company is still officially based. Fun fact: Investors Group created the very first Canadian mutual fund!

Known for their personal approach, they can help you build a prosperous and successful practice helping clients to achieve their financial goals.

Financial advisors with Investors Group come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a variety of skills to their personal practice.

Starting with us

Pretty much everyone starts in the same position: as a financial advisor, working independently but within the company. On the one hand, you've got the flexibility of entrepreneurship, which is kind of cool and liberating. On the other, you've got a Canadian leader in financial planning, supporting you, and ensuring you're doing the best job you can managing your business and clients.

Did anyone on the executive team start at the ground and work their way up?

There are many of these stories at Investors Group: most of the senior executives, for example, started out in the company as financial advisors. Because you need to know the company intimately to move up the ranks, promoting from within is big.


110 Financial Planning Centres, 700 locations, all across Canada.


Where ever you want to park your laptop. But, if office life is more your style, they've got that option too.

Programs / Co-ops / Internships

Investors Group understands that moving into the role of a financial advisor can be quite different from what you may be used to. We've developed programs to assist you as you start your career, which include:

* A $2,000 appointment bonus with the ability to earn additional bonuses of up to $1,500 during the first year, while being paid a premium commission, on insurance and mortgage business.

* Eligibility to earn a bonus commission on all business of up to $100,000 during the first four years.

* A financing program to draw against future earnings.

* Potential to be allocated existing clients.

* A rebate program to encourage prospective clients to transfer their accounts to Investors Group.

Perks/Money Let's not mince words: as a financial advisor, your earning potential is officially unlimited. And the demand is high. Check out this article for an example of exactly how, and how much potential there is for newer financial advisors in an industry where many senior financial advisors are considering retirement. As for other perks? You can earn dollars to spend on benefits, on your business, and on work-related education. Your hours and location are flexible. There are also some truly great bonus structures, including huge rewards for top advisors. For example, heavy hitters in the President's Circle take trips en masse to hang out in places around the world like Rome, St Petersburg, Barbados and Hong Kong. On the softer side, you get the flexibility of owning your own business, setting your own hours, and running things the way you want to, which is pretty nice.

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This is a full-time opportunity to establish your own variable-income and self-employed business in association with Investors Group Financial Services Inc. (in Québec, a financial services firm). Submissions are subject to an initial and ongoing review process. Investors Group offices are located in all provinces and territories in Canada. Please submit your Resume/Application only to one office.

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