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Powerhouse Chief Engineer

9 hours 51 min
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Full Time
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  • Ensure the power house is in compliance with the Power Engineer Regulations made under Section 49 of NS Technical Safety Act
  • Lead brewery ammonia safety system and steam safety system programs
  • Lead the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the Power House.
  • Identify and help implement innovative solutions to improve the efficiency of all key utilities
  • Participate in the planning and execution of preventive maintenance and capital projects relating to the Utilities Department
    • Build action plans to resolve issues
    • Identify parts requirements
    • Scope job tasks to complete maintenance & corrective items
  • Perform work in a manner consistent with plant safety, housekeeping standards, and quality checks

  • Valid 2nd Class Power Engineer Certificate. Consideration will be given to candidates holding 3rd Class certification who have demonstrated exceptional performance, have the main 2nd Class Power Engineering examinations passed and can demonstrate to the NSDEL Inspector a clear plan to complete 2nd Class certification in a timely manner.

  • Strong computer user skills; SAP, Excel, Word, Sharepoint, email

  • High energy work ethic with exceptional discipline, attendance, and safety record

  • Results oriented with a strong emphasis on safety.

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