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It's your kid's career, not yours

This week, Nathan Laurie, president of, was quoted in the Globe and Mail on the topic of helicopter parents and their negative influence on their child's career.

An excerpt of Nathan's key points in Leah Eichler's Globe and Mail article:


So short of butting out of your kids' lives, what healthy role can parents play in their children's career? Nathan Laurie, president of, a online youth employment network, said that parents should offer as many job hunting tips as they can and make as many professional introductions as possible, but that the support needs to end there.

At the core of it, some parents simply don't allow their children to pursue employment as adults, said Mr. Laurie. While they just want to be helpful, having a parent so involved, shows potential employers that the candidate is not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with an adult job.


The full article can be read at the Globe and Mail: