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No need to pick a career on the first week of university.

This week, Nathan Laurie, president of, was quoted on the topic of selecting your career as a new undergrad.An excerpt of Nathan's key points in Romina Maurino's article: Nathan Laurie, president of online student job board, says it's never too early to start thinking about a career. I would talk to as many people as possible about what they're considering doing, Mr. Laurie said.Speaking with parents' friends, looking up industry organizations or following people who work in a field you're interested in are all good ways to learn more about it.I also think you're allowed to change your mind as many times as you want through your career, and many people do, he adds.Given the cost of education, it's a good idea, if you're not feeling good about what you're taking, to stop, re-evaluate and reconsider what you want to do, and then move forward when you have a new plan, Mr. Laurie said.The full article can be read at the following links: Metro: Post: