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Rise and shine! It's an early start to a brand new day and you're absolutely dreading to have to wake up before the sun.
But it's not the end of the world. If you plan on continuing to be productive at work and need some tips on staying awake and energized, here's what you should consider adding to your morning routine.
Stay hydrated
It's the number one rule to get through the day. Growing up, we were always told to drink about eight glasses of water every day, so continue to drink lots of it to keep you hydrated.
On the side, have a nice cup of warm and fresh green tea. It improves brain function and productivity.
Be active
Need to take the elevator to get up to your office? If you can, take the stairs instead. This will keep your breath racing and your blood pumping. It'll also help you avoid those awkward elevator conversations or prevent you from being in a tight space. The more you walk or run up the stairs, the more energized you'll feel; soon enough, you'll be the stair master!
Snack time is the best time
You're usually working the average 9ÔÇô5 shift at your full-time job, so it would be a really good idea to bring food other than your lunch. It is recommended to snack on pieces of fruit like apples, oranges, or grapes because you'll gain energy quicker. Fruits are a healthier alternative (and they're also delicious).
Listen to music
If you're in a working environment that allows you to listen to your own music, then here's another option. Find the genre that'll help you be most productive, and then get to work. It'll be like having your own private concert, but make sure to have your headphones on so you don't disrupt your colleagues.
Get a good night's rest
Whoever said sleep is for the weak has no idea how much it affects our work and our health. In an article from The Fabricator, having a sleep-deprived employee affects work productivity and quality, and can get in the way of our working relationships. It results in employees having the difficulty to concentrate, learn, and communicate.
Oftentimes, lack of sleep could lead to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and depression.
So if these energy-boosting tips aren't already part of your daily routine, wake up and get started!
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