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As inclusion and diversity become important elements in the Canadian workforce, several employers are paving the way in connecting with groups across the country to ensure our workplaces maintain the Canadian standard of human rights.
In the early 1990s, the Bank of Montreal established the Task Force on the Advancement of Aboriginal Employment, making one of the first corporate public commitments to partner with the Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC). To advance their connection with the community, BMO has focused on a number of initiatives, from aboriginal branches and community banking outlets to internships, awareness campaigns, and scholarships.
This year, BMO and the AHRC will be hosting a number of innovative events to continue their efforts with the aboriginal community.
On January 31, the AHRC is hosting a virtual recruitment fair with live representatives from a number of top employers across the country, including BMO.
"We've had a long-lasting relationship with the AHRC," says James McKay, diversity recruiter, aboriginal peoples. McKay and his team are excited to participate in this unique event that allows employers and aboriginal candidates to connect without having to leave their own homes.
"You log in, you register with the AHRC, and you end up looking at what is like a virtual mall," says McKay. "Once the applicant comes to my booth, they can open up a chat window with me and they can ask me whatever question they want. Instead of doing a bricks-and-mortar recruitment fair, this is all happening online and you can attend it or run it from wherever you are in the country."
BMO also has a booth at the upcoming recruitment fair--appropriately titled Inclusion Works--in Saskatoon, April 29 to May 1. "This is the AHRC's premiere event for the last four years running," says McKay. "These are just some examples of how BMO is advancing indigenous inclusion and changing the lives of aboriginal people and the economic prosperity of Canada while delivering good ROI, meaning Return on Inclusion."
Check out a video of last year's Inclusion Works here.
Lastly, BMO will also be attending and helping out at the 2G Group BC Aboriginal Recruitment Fair, May 14 and 15 in Vancouver. "Behind the scenes, the AHRC is also guiding them and making sure that they have a lot of great aboriginal talent," says McKay. "They're a really great partner to have."
The AHRC, in partnering with different organizations across the country, recognizes the benefits of strong, long-term alliances.
BMO is a valued national partner, advancing indigenous inclusion across Canada, within the AHRC's Leadership Circle," says Kelly J. Lendsay, President and CEO, AHRC. "BMO is working with us to deploy an enterprise-wide approach to indigenous inclusion that ensures First Nations, M├®tis and Inuit people feel welcomed at the bank and able to advance at all levels within its corporate structure.  Participating in the Virtual Recruitment Fair on January 31, inclusion Classroom and Inclusion Works 13 Career Fair on April 29 are just some examples of how BMO is advancing indigenous inclusion and changing the lives of aboriginal people and the economic prosperity of Canada, while delivering good ROI (Return on Inclusion) for the bank.  BMO is setting a high standard for inclusion that employers across Canada should follow."
If you'd like to know more about Bank of Montreal's aboriginal initiatives, including their partnership with the AHRC, you can email James McKay at
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