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Jobpostings Magazine asked Michelle Gauthier, National Manager of Candidate Selection at NAV Canada, about one of her favourite questions that comes up during interviews.

Tell me what you know about the company?

This question is fairly standard in an interview, but it's important to really understand how an interviewer considers your response.

As an employer who is about to make a significant investment in your professional development, your response to this question speaks directly to your motivation. We're looking for an answer that shows you made a sincere effort to research the company, beyond simply memorizing sentences from our website.

Simply put:if you're not motivated to prepare for your interview, how can I expect you to be motivated in training or on-the-job?

Knowing NAV CANADA's mission statement is good, but it always strikes me as impressive when an interviewee scratches beyond the surface and researches our services, our organizational values and our customers.

Doing this type of preparation should not be underestimated. Be prepared to speak about the company in your own words for several minutes. Not only will this show your determination in the interview room, it will help you respond to follow up questions about your skills and behaviours in the context of the company.

Finally, be ready to explain how you researched the company ahead of your interview. If you went to our website or Facebook page, I'll want to know what you learned about the company there.

This question is often asked early on, and has the potential to set the tone for the rest of your interview—be ready and make a good first impression!