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Company: JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & SpaPosition: Revenue ManagerEmployed: 4.5 yearsDegree: Bachelor of Commerce, Ryerson University, Hospitality & Tourism Management, minor in CommunicationsWhat attracted you to the hospitality industry?It's in my blood! My family has owned and operated restaurants and motels for over 30 years. I tried to distance myself from this and started on the career path to become a school teacher. This only lasted one year before my true passion for hospitality and entrepreneurship was reignited.How did you find your current position?While studying at Ryerson, my family sold our hospitality business. My goal was to relocate home to Muskoka. I was thrilled to hear that the FIRST JW Marriott in Canada was opening just 30 minutes away from my hometown. I was eager to join this reputable brand and my first role with my degree in hand! In 2008, I joined the Marriott family as a Guest Services Agent and was promoted to Lead followed by Guest Services Supervisor over 4 years. In 2012, I have truly succeeded in finding my dream job as Revenue Manager for the resort.What are you responsible for in your current position?The goal of my work is to maximize revenue for the resort. I work closely with our sales team to evaluate the profitability of future group business and help set rates, room inventory, and catering strategies with the resort leadership team. I create forecasts and reports based on historical and current data, as well as assist in managing some of the marketing initiatives for the resort.What is the most challenging aspect of your position?I think the biggest challenge is fitting together several moving pieces to ensure you have created the most advantageous strategy for the resort. It is a balancing act to ensure you have the right mix of guests along with the right rates, all at the right time. One of Marriott's core values is to embrace change and in the revenue world, everything is always changing so you need to adapt.What is the most rewarding part of your job?I love knowing that I have helped guide the operations team. It is really about knowing that you are helping the team effectively schedule and respond to the demand you help capture for the resort. Even those periods where you didn't reach your goals, it is still rewarding to analyze everything from the occupancy to the weather forecast to be proactive in finding solutions for the year to come.What do you think it takes to be successful in this career?It's all in the details! Check once, check twice, and even a third time for accuracy. I think that it is also essential that you start in hospitality operations'such as a guest service agent or server'to develop a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of how your organization functions. Marriott International has always been a strong advocate for hiring from within for any available position. I am no exception! I am proud and thankful to have gained the knowledge of the property and experience within the industry prior to being promoted.What advice do you have for students looking to land their first job?Start small and dream big. Most often, your first job isn't going to be in senior management and it shouldn't be. There is so much to be gained and learned from working your way to the top. Anything that you accomplish or learn in your first job adds to your experience and your resume. Many of the skills you acquire through any job are transferrable, so even if your first job seems unrelated to your dream job, stick with it! If you are always open to learning, bettering yourself, and if you give your very best regardless of the position, the right people will take notice. Save your reputation on being dedicated, passionate, and learn everything you can now. Your dream job is not far away!Sponsored by Rogers