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Score! You've just completed the degree that kept you up all night and in school all day. All the perseverance, preparation, and hard work has paid off, so what's your next move?

What path do you take on the road to success as you start your career? First things first, you must have a goal in mind. It's a good idea to write it down and keep it visible, whether on a corkboard in your room or a piece of paper on your desk. And an essential part to goal setting'whether in school, your career, or sports'is to set realistic and achievable ones. 

It's important to have a vision for your next move after you graduate. Gordon and Doug share how setting goals led to a successful early career at Loblaw Companies Limited's Cambridge, Ontario distribution centre (DC).

Gordon Barclay, first started with Loblaw Companies Limited in an entry-level position as DC auditor. Within a quick succession, he was promoted to DC inventory control. He found himself wanting to dive deeper into supply chain at the corporate level, with the goal of obtaining a position in head office. With great leadership advice, he went back to school at Trios College and graduated with a Supply Chain and Logistics diploma. Recently, Gordon moved into his new role as a supply chain analyst at the corporate head office. Working with Loblaw, he feels hard work gets noticed and, not only gets you to your goals, but challenges you to work harder. 

Doug Egan found great success working at Loblaw Companies Limited's DC in Cambridge. His main goal after graduating from Wilfred Laurier was to join a large organization that would offer career growth.  He started his career in supply chain after hearing positive things about Loblaw, working part-time in assembly. With some hard work and perseverance he worked his way up to trainer, reach truck driver, loader, warehouse management system controller and, most recently, to a night operations supervisor. 

As you create your goals, it is helpful to break it down into mini steps and celebrate your achievements along the way. To help keep focus, track your progress and work with a mentor'like a manager or teacher.  Remember that goals can always be adjusted with change, but starting with a clear direction will help set you up for success.

For students in supply chain who are ready to start a career, prepare for your future by setting some immediate shorter term goals. Keep your ultimate vision in mind as you achieve each goal along the way. 

Score big with Loblaw! There are many opportunities to kick-off your career in supply chain at Loblaw'just like Gordon and Doug. If that's your goal, learn more and apply with us today.

Photos: monkeybusinessimages/Thinkstock