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At Edward Jones employee satisfaction is very important. In recent interviews with three financial advisors at the company, we found out the secrets to their happiness, growth, and success.

Rodney Anton
Financial Advisor
Stoufville, ON

Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

Anton has worked with Edward Jones for two years and has been in the role of financial advisor for the past year. Educated in business administration and accounting from Wilfred Laurier University, he was interested in a client service position and wanted to have direct control over his results and performance.

It is important to keep activity high and to avoid being discouraged when things are not going as planned, he says. He keeps in constant touch with his clients, and believes in maintaining consistency in his work ethic even on bad days.

It helps when you work for a company that believes in fostering its employees, he adds. They will do whatever they can to support you to help you succeed.

His advice to those looking for a career as a financial advisor: Have a goal and work out a detailed plan to achieve it.

Jason Morgan
Financial Advisor
Brantford, ON

Get to know those you work for, those you work with, and those who work for you, because networking is and always will be an integral piece to success in the world of business.

Morgan was interested in Edward Jones because of his interest in the stock market. He began his career working at the Mississauga home office more than two years ago and almost a year ago he moved into the financial advisor position.

I enjoy that I am in control of how I run my business while always knowing I have the support of fellow advisors and home office associates alike, should I need it, he says. I leverage advice from both veterans and other new financial advisors to constantly improve the quality of what I do day in and day out for my clients.

Morgan says he enjoys the earning potential that comes with such hard work. Some days may go very well and others can go very poorly; it's important to understand that this it is all just part of financial advisor's role.

A steady diet of prospecting will help build a financial advisor's pipeline for potential future business. The prospecting is only worthwhile if it is followed up by thank-you cards, phone calls, second face-to-face visits, etc.

He says that at Edward Jones or any company, if you wish to succeed and work your way up the ranks, it is imperative that you are assertive and take every opportunity to advance in your career. Do not expect opportunities to simply present themselves. You must actively seek them out because no one has as vested of an interest in your success and well-being as you do.

Justin Byers
Financial Advisor
Woodstock, ON

You will need to have an attitude that you will do whatever it takes to be successful.

Byers has a Bachelor in business administration from Wilfred Laurier University and seven years at Edward Jones under his belt. He was first attracted to the company because of his interest in the stock market and the company's focus on doing what is best for the client.

To have the trust of so many is such a rewarding experience, he says. I will value that long past my days with Edward Jones. Byers says he is proud that he built a business from scratch, and it brings him true joy helping his clients work toward their financial goals.

During a typical day, Byers faces the challenge of making sure we contact all our clients on a consistent basis. It's the most important thing we do in our office and it's one of the only things we can control.

He says that Edward Jones fosters growth because of its partnership structure. It's incredible that this company never went public. All the owners are people who work here. Owners think differently and want to see others succeed.

Byers claims he never had the natural skills of a salesperson, but he always believed that consistent hard work would pay off'and it has.

Photo: Edward Jones