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A Fortune 500 company and the world's largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot Canada sells everything from paint to plywood to potting soil in their large-format stores. They've also been named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers for 2018.

A little bit of history

Founded in Georgia in 1978, The Home Depot expanded into Canada in 1994.

Where you can start

Most people start as associates in the retail stores, which is perfect if you need a flexible, student-friendly work schedule. There are also lots of different opportunities at the corporate office, depending on your interests and skill-set. 


Over 3,000 retail locations across North and South America, including 182 in Canada as of April 2011.


Their big-box format stores are usually located in suburban outdoor shopping plazas. Canadian corporate headquarters are located in a Toronto office tower that features an on-site gym, café with TV and even a Zen room!


Volunteerism is huge at The Home Depot Canada, as evidenced by programs like Team Depot. They're also big on education, and to reflect the learning-based culture of the company, they offer pre-approved tuition reimbursement for any and all job-related courses you want to take while you work there. Other programs vary by location and role, but there are lots.

How to apply

All applications are accepted and sorted on the careers website.

Degrees they like

Customer service experience is always an asset, but at the store level, the only credentials you’ll need are a helpful attitude and an interest in the business of home improvement.Perks/money

Salaries are kept competitive within the industry, and if you're hired at The Home Depot Canada you can also look forward to full health benefits, profit-sharing plans, and access to the Orange Advantage employee discount package, among other good stuff.How long before you hear back, and what’ll happen when you do

All applications are subject to an internal assessment program to determine core competencies. Your resume will be reviewed, and if it matches the position requirements you’ll be contacted within a couple of weeks to set up an interview.

Best thing to do in an Interview

Because they ask behaviour-based questions – “Tell me about a time when you demonstrated X behaviour” – your best bet is to go in prepared with concrete examples of why you’d be awesome at the job you’re applying for. If your answers are thoughtful and specific, the hiring team will be impressed.

Worst thing to do in an Interview

Just because you’ll be working at a home improvement centre doesn’t mean you should show up in ripped jeans.

Why you’ll stay

Employee culture is fun and open, and if you truly do have a passion for retail, there’s lots of room for advancement at The Home Depot Canada.

Why you’ll bail

It’s a hands-on, big box store environment where customers are number one. If you like wearing designer clothes to work, or don’t enjoy working with wood and paint and drywall, this probably isn’t the right environment for you.

Where can my career go with The Home Depot Canada?

The Home Depot Canada gives you all the tools you need to build a career with the company, from entry level on up. Support is available every step of the way, and because an intimate knowledge of store-level business is so important to upper-level positions, you’ll be positioned to work your way up in a way that’s unique among retail jobs.

When you walk into a Home Depot store, have you wondered what was involved in the planning of a display, or the length of time it took to complete it? When you ask one of our knowledgeable store associates where you can find products for your home improvement project, were you able to find them all in the same area? All of this is possible largely because of our experienced team of merchandisers.

Defining MET

What is MET? MET stands for the Merchandising Execution Team. We are a team of merchandising associates whose goal is to improve the shopping experience of our customers. How do we do that? We are able to provide a good shopping experience by taking care of everything that happens behind the scenes. In partnership with our store associates, we are able to make that happen!

Our teams do everything from keeping the shelves fully stocked with the best products and ensuring each bay meets our quality standards. Our MET teams are also given challenging projects such as the planning and execution of resets. It doesn’t matter which store you are working in, there’s always something for you to do!

Is MET the Right Place for You?

If you are a hands-on person who thrives in a fast paced environment, MET is the place for you. Our teams are given the independence and freedom to use their problem solving skills to get the project done. MET is a place where you can see results. Our teams have the opportunity to work on a project, and see it through from start to finish. It’s not very common to see the impact of a days’ hard work. This is more than just a job. We are a team who likes to get the job done.

 If this is something that interests you, what are you waiting for?

The Perks

Home Depot is not your average retailer. We recognize that in order to be the best, we need to take of our people. It has been embedded in our core values and in everything that we do. To set us apart from our competitors, we offer a wide variety of benefits to not only our full-time associates, but to our part-time associates as well. They don’t stop once you reach a certain age either. We continue to offer benefits for as long as you choose to work for us! 

Taking care of our people is something that is very important to Home Depot. We recognize not everyone fits the 9-5 hour workday and there’s a shift toward having a flexible work schedule. This is why we offer our teams the flexibility to pick hours that suit them. Whether they are going to school part-time or have family obligations, they have the option to work Monday to Friday 6am-2:30pm or 2pm-11pm or they can work four days a week (Monday to Thursday) from 9pm-7:30am! Who said you had to wait for a stat holiday to enjoy a three-day weekend? All you need to do is join MET!

Room to grow

If you have the drive and passion to grow, we will help you get to where you want to be, all you have to do is ask! We have committed leaders and dedicated HR professionals to support you every step of the way.

We don’t just talk; we walk the talk. Did you know our current president of Home Depot Canada started off as a lumber associate in 1996? Jeff Kinnaird worked his way up to being the Vice President of Merchandising, and was promoted to President in 2016. There are many success stories like these at Home Depot, just ask any of our associates!

So what is it that we offer to our associates? We offer tuition reimbursement, training that starts on day one ranging from health and safety, to product knowledge certification. Once you’ve been with us for a period of time, coaching and leadership courses become available to our associates. We invest in you as much as you invest in yourself. Just remember, it’s a two-way street, all we ask for is your commitment!

The Home Depot Canada is a knowledge-based business, and this value is reflected in the way they empower employees to advise customers and make decisions without a lot of interference from above. Expect to always be learning, and to enjoy a tight-knit relationship with your coworkers. It's a fast-paced place, but with all the extracurricular activities going on, you'll make friends fast.


Over 40 percent of The Home Depot Canada employees speak a language other than English, and a large portion of the workforce identifies as being recent immigrants. The Orange Embrace diversity program demonstrates the Company's commitment to being an open, inviting place for anyone to work. They were named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers in 2014, and they're a member of Pride at Work Canada.

Social/environmental responsibility

As the charitable arm of Canada's largest home improvement retailer, The Home Depot Canada Foundation brings together volunteerism, do-it-yourself expertise, product donation and monetary grants to support the development of sustainable homes and communities. The Foundation's commitment to building healthy neighbourhoods allows important needs to be met in the communities where The Home Depot Canada associates live and work. This includes charity-led initiatives such as shelter improvements, playground builds, and community beautification projects.

The Home Depot Canada is also committed to the environment. Some examples of its programs and initiatives are: offering consumers free national recycling programs, having over 1,600 Eco Options approved products available in-stores, and working on ways to operate a more efficient business by reducing electricity and GHG. The company was also named one of Canada's Greenest Employers for 2012.

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