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An Inside Look at Corporate Careers at AHS

Corporate careers in the public healthcare sector are booming. While it's true that healthcare professionals are essential to any healthcare organization, there are equally important corporate skill sets that are very much in demand, from accounting and payroll to human resources and information technology (IT). Employees who choose to work in the healthcare sector are finding themselves in a rewarding atmosphere, which comes with stability and competitive compensation.

Currently, there are over 1,700 IT professionals employed with Alberta Health Services—Cody is one of them. Cody is an IT Analyst at AHS in Edmonton, Alberta. While the healthcare sector may not be the first place that comes to mind for a career in IT, the IT department at AHS is flourishing.

Cody works in data support and takes a lot of pride in the work he is accomplishing. He is often working on large-scale projects to create better functionality for doctors, nurses, and patients within in the hospital. Cody is one of many young professionals that found a corporate career at AHS.

"My work is meaningful. At the end of the day, if you work on these projects, there is a good chance that the project you are working on is helping people. Hopefully, you are cutting down on wait times, or making things more efficient for doctors and nurses, or making things better in the lab. It's a good feeling to have."

Aside from having a meaningful career, there are countless other benefits at AHS.

"There's a lot of flexibility in IT at AHS. I can work remotely or at other locations. I can start work at 7, or I can start work at 8, as long as the work gets done and I don't miss any meetings, there is a ton of flexibility."

Many new professionals coming out of post-secondary education want to maintain the same level of freedom as they had while in school. Cody explains this flexibility works well with his active and busy lifestyle. "I like to play rec hockey, and very often those games are late at night, and I don't get home until after midnight. I do like to start work at 7 am most days, but if I have a late night because of hockey, I can start a little later or work remotely."

A flexible schedule is certainly an asset, but the advantages at AHS stretch further than that. At AHS, they have an excellent and well-rounded benefits plan that gives the option to put money into a health savings account.

"I can actually subsidize and pay for my gym membership through work – that's a pretty good deal."

However, if a career in the public healthcare sector can come with this many benefits, why aren't more people searching for these opportunities?

There are a few misconceptions about working in the public sector – one of the biggest misconceptions are the wages. Cody explains, "I think people believe that public work doesn't pay as well, but I think we get a very generous compensation. Once you factor in benefits, and vacation, it's actually a really good deal. There is a level of stability in the public sector that you may not find in the private sector."

If you are a recent grad, sometimes it proves beneficial to think outside-the-box on potential career opportunities. While the public healthcare sector may not seem like a logical place to go searching for a corporate career, it offers opportunities that are both obtainable and satisfying. If you are currently at a crossroads for choosing a career path, remember sometimes it's best to take the road less traveled.

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