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Choosing the right career can be a challenging and lengthy process. Luckily, Philip Schuman, Account Executive at Lloyd Sadd, offered to share his insights about choosing a career in an industry few new grads take the time to consider: insurance.

According to Philip, the insurance industry is a little of everything all wrapped into one, making it a perfect fit for those struggling to choose a single career path. In his position, he gained knowledge and insight into many different sectors and got an eclectic taste of the professional world. His job is flexible, stimulating, and allows him time to unwind and stay active in his community, qualities most young professionals seek in the workforce.

Nothing standard

“There’s nothing standard about my days, which is my favorite thing,” Philip said, when asked about working in the insurance industry. “ I couldn’t deal with a regular nine to five.” He laughed as mentioned he could be eating three lunches with three different clients one day, and spending the day in the office the next. “I’m on the account executive side, which is a combination of sales, administration, and taking care of client relationships.”

Gaining insight

While there may be many benefits to working in the insurance industry, the biggest benefit for Philip is that he gets to be involved in many different industries.

“If I want to be involved in the oil and gas industry, I can be involved in oil and gas industry. If I want to be involved in aviation, I can be involved in aviation. I think that is so beautiful because if I worked for an oil and gas company and then wanted to work for an aviation company, it would require years of cross-training. Whereas for me, it’s learning the steps of what insurance factors pertains to the new industry and just making the switch. I get to have an insight into just about any industry that I want to learn more about,” Philip said, emphasizing that employment in the insurance industry will give you an in-depth look at various businesses and keep you engaged.

Community involvement

As an account executive, Philip can stay involved and active in his community. “You won’t find a more flexible job anywhere else,” he said. Philip is an active marathon runner and even completed a marathon blindfolded; only receiving verbal commands to stay on track. In addition to challenging physical activities, Philip likes to stay involved in politics. To date, Philip has worked on approximately a dozen political campaigns, from low to higher ranked positions. “I do that to diversify my skills and experience," said Philip. Expanding his skills outside of his career has proved to be nothing but beneficial.

Taking the plunge

If you’ve been looking into positions in the insurance industry, the time to take the next step is now. “I think there are a lot of people on the edge of entering the industry and they are frozen. I think people can’t decide if they want to do underwriting or adjusting, or brokering. I will say the transitions are very easy,” said Philip, “the only bad decision you can make is not to make a decision.”

Regardless of what career choice you decide to make, take the initiative to get involved in a job that allows you the freedom to stay active in your favorite recreational activities and hobbies, while also keeping you engaged by exploring many different industries. A new career path in the insurance industry can offer all this and more.