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Canadian Pacific (CP) offers an abundance of programs and resources that new graduates can take advantage of to develop their careers.

At CP, you are the conductor of your career path.

The company provides a variety of programs, tools and resources to all its employees, including new grads, aimed at fostering growth from within and developing future leaders.

‘Developing People’ is one of CP’s core foundations and a long-standing practice within the organization. In fact, many of CP’s current Leadership Team members began their railroading career in entry-level positions, received development opportunities and were promoted into their current functions within the company

“One of CP’s key foundational pillars is to Develop People, and I believe they try to do their best to achieve this,” says Orgo Nag, Engineer-in-Training with CP currently working towards completing his professional engineer accreditation.  “Classes and programs are offered generously to further your understanding, should you choose to seek out additional learning.”

A rewarding challenge

Nag attended the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, where he studied civil engineering. Drawn to CP as a company because he was interested in the travelling portion of the job, Nag couldn’t imagine himself spending eight hours in an office. Although he admits that working for the railroad can be challenging at first, it has been extremely rewarding.

“Railroading is an old industry and knowledge was developed over decades of engineering work, so you sometimes have to find a way to close your learning gap. I find I am constantly learning about different parts of the industry,” says Nag.

 “Learning about track and railway construction is definitely my favourite part of the job, and being able to work with a dedicated and talented team of railroaders who support each other and provide coaching makes it a great place to work and develop.”

Take charge of your career

Just like other CP employees, Nag took part in the company’s Operations Management Trainee — Engineering (OMT) Program. This program allows employees to learn and practise the critical skills needed for an operations management position.

“The OMT Program allows you to learn and explore different areas of the company,” says Nag.

From CP’s perspective, the program provides an opportunity for employees to gain a broad overview of the company’s various departments and functions, work with a chosen mentor, start leadership training, and interact with key company executives. Participants also spend six weeks of operations immersion, complete the Manager Conductor Training program and work in the field with various leaders.

Nag says being in the program gave him the chance to figure out how different departments work together, while providing opportunity to network and meet people in various roles within the company.

“By completing the program I was able to obtain various qualifications, which in turn furthered my understanding of the railroad and provided me with a solid footing for my current role,” says Nag. “Mentors and leaders are involved throughout the process to discuss ideas and share in the experience. I was able to request what I wanted to learn and was accommodated into classes or programs wherever possible.”

In addition to the OMT program, CP offers several other programs that support career development.

This Way Up is a program guided towards employees who are interested in a front line leadership role. It provides training for management roles and tools to aid in an employee’s professional development.

CP also has leadership assessments and tailored learning programs, including a part-time studies program.

The company provides access to online learning leadership development tools that help you lead yourself, lead others, and lead the business, through Skillsoft and Harvard Manage Mentor.

In-house technical and leadership training is also available, in addition to opportunities to volunteer and develop skills through CP’s community investment programs, such as CP Has Heart and the CP Holiday Train.

Move your way up

CP prides itself on offering a diverse workplace with a variety of careers in both its corporate and field offices.

By providing employees with the right tools and development opportunities, the company encourages its people to value unique perspectives and develop their leadership skills, while fostering growth from within.

Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced professional looking for a new and exciting career, CP offers an open and honest work environment where all employees are given equal opportunity to contribute and develop.

“Within CP, expect a role with lots of responsibility, where no two days may be the same. There are numerous opportunities for advancement, for those who are willing to challenge themselves and dedicate time and effort to learning the industry,” says Nag. He invites anyone who would like to learn more about his experience to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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