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Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
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Quantumrun focuses on discovering trends of the future. We write about how life will change because of the revolutions happening today in technology, science, health, and culture (but without the jargon filled, science speak). While the future is often thought of as a scary place, we’re on a mission to make it accessible to everyone.


We believe in being educated about the trends shaping our future. We believe being informed about future developments in technology, science, health, and culture is empowering. that knowing what's coming allows us to contribute to the future and not become a victim of it. At Quantumrun, we want to spark a conversation, engage with our readers and ultimately help shape a better future, together.



As a Quantumrun (QR) Staff Writer, your position will involve working closely with the various QR divisions to bring together all elements needed for a successful online publication.  You will be supervised, trained, and mentored by experienced QR staff. Work is conducted on a virtual basis.


The QR team is looking for Staff Writers to produce quality articles for its website that cover a wide range of topics including science, health, technology and business related topics, but with a focus on how they will change the future.



Job Title: Junior Staff Writer

Department: Journalism

Reports to: Section Editors and Editor-In-Chief

Start date: Immediately

End date: TBD

Hours: 5-10 hours per month depending on projects assigned and the due dates



  • All QR staff members are eligible to receive a reference letter after four months of successful service to the publication. You will be able to use the founder as a personal reference after eight months of successful service.
  • Be provided with a large orientation package and training process that will provide you with the tools to grow professionally.
  • You'll be able to add by-lines to your portfolio from an exciting new publication.
  • Gain real life experience on how to work for a publication.
  • Improve writing skills.
  • You will be trained how to edit articles and publish them online.
  • You'll be a part of a (really big) team that's doing great work!



  • Producing science, health, technology, and business focused articles based on personal or public interest, or as requested by the QR editing staff.
  • Interviewing subject matter experts and high profile individuals to comment on your article's subject matter, if the need arises.
  • Conducting extensive research to discover topics that are factual and original by using as many resources as possible.
  •  Be able to receive constructive feedback and revising work accordingly.
  • Present edited and polished material for the publication in the required format.
  • Creating goals and deadlines for one self to help with organization and accomplishment of work.




By the time you leave the QR, you'll have gained the following transferable skills that you can use in many other employment settings. Specifically, you'll learn how to:


  • Secure and conduct interviews with a variety of individuals
  • Write articles that are of interest to the public
  • Research content more effectively to produce more authoritative articles
  • More effectively manage one's time and workload
  • Learn how to effectively work in a virtual environment




Those who excel in their roles and show an interest for increased responsibilities will have the opportunity to grow within the QR (when opportunities become available) to assume the following positions: section editor, online editor, vice managing editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief.



  • Be an active student.
  • A background in journalism and/or a strong interest in futurism as it relates to science, health, business and/or technology.
  • A high level of skill using the English language (spelling, punctuation, grammar, rules of composition, etc), as well as a strong understanding of the rules around proper citation and plagiarism.
  •  Be able to write in ways that are appropriate for the Quantumrun’s target audience of progressive and tech savvy 20-40 somethings.
  • Ability to produce quality articles within tight timeframes and simultaneously manage several projects.
  • Critical and creative thinker able to come up with a number of quality ideas for new articles and how to approach writing them.
  • Highly organized and committed.
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.




TO APPLY: Send us your résumé, cover letter and attach THREE SAMPLES of your best pieces of writing, published or unpublished, to:


Jelena Misur

HR Advisor Quantumrun



If we like you, you'll hear from us! 



  1. Presently, the Quantumrun is structured as a not-for-profit cooperative. All positions operate on a part-time, volunteer basis. Accordingly, only serious applicants need apply.
  2. In your application, kindly mention where you located this job posting.
  3. We receive quite a few résumés per week. We do make an effort to reply to all applications, but we are (very) selective about who we invite to an interview. Please be sure to stand out by taking care to send us a professional and well written cover letter and résumé (and three pieces of your writing).


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