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University First Class Painters


Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan

Industries: Business, Construction, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales
Job Types: Full Time, Internship, Part Time, Summer Seasonal

University First Class Painters (UFCP) is a Canadian franchise system designed specifically for students! UFCP aims to provide profitable business opportunities to students from all educational backgrounds. The UFCP system, combined with a manager's skill, effort and hard work, gives them a team designed for success.

Where they started

University First Class Painters was formed in 1982 by Michael Benteau, current president and CEO of the UFCP system. At that time, Michael was a 19 year old university student in his first year of a business degree. Like many students, he needed a summer job to help him pay for the cost of obtaining his education. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, he recruited his best friend and the two set out to run a small painting business that resulted in tremendous success. University First Class Painters uses their years of experience and commitment to innovation to remain an industry leader in their field.


University First Class Painters is a young innovate company that values the continued success of their student managers. They want to help students succeed by providing the experience, stability and financial success that allows them to grow and succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Students are guided throughout every step of their business with the use of YMS (Your Management System) software. This application is a web-based management tool that allows student managers to track everything from estimates and sales to when an employee clocks into a job site. A few of the many features of this application include:

  • Training tools (videos, manuals, and quizzes) for managers and their employees
  • Sales and estimate tracking
  • Professional looking estimates calculated and emailed to clients in minutes
  • Appointment and job scheduling
  • Payroll processing

And many more features!

Social and environmental responsibility

University First Class Painters is happy to give back to the communities they operate in. As a national company, they have been able to give back to many communities across Canada. Some of their recent charity projects include:

  • BC - North Burnaby Club: Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver
  • AB - Strathcona Druids Rugby Club
  • NS - Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
  • ON - Aurora Historical Society and Hillary House

The program

The University First Class Painters student management and entrepreneurship program is designed for Canadian university students. The franchise program provides applied business education and experience in running a summer painting franchise under the close supervision of industry professionals. This program requires attendance at training seminars during the winter and spring and transitions to a full time job for the summer months.

Become a franchise manager

Own your own business while you’re a student! As a UFCP franchise manager, you’ll provide our customers with high quality painting, cleaning, and staining services. As a result, you’ll gain valuable experience in business, management, finance, contracting, and customer service. Whatever your entrepreneurial goals are, our franchise system is designed specifically for you, the student.

You'll be provided with a package that gives you all the tools necessary to make your business a success. This means start-up costs are kept to a minimum and our franchise fees are among the most competitive in the business. Marketing support is provided to each of our managers and we’ll provide you with the most in-depth training program available. It’s simply the best package of any student painting organization!

Who will be successful?

UFCP is looking for intelligent, energetic, conscientious and hardworking individuals who are passionate about achieving their goals and want to be part of an exciting business expansion.

Do the following phrases describe you? If so, UFCP wants you to be part of their team!

  • I strive to be a leader – I like to run my own show and take the lead with focused execution, exceptional work ethic and strong determination.
  • I have a passion for and am skilled in both sales and marketing. I would love to put those skills to use in growing a brand towards something larger and better than any one person could achieve on their own.
  • I am a goal-minded, results driven individual who plays to win. I know that when a goal is clear in my mind, there is nothing that will stop me from achieving it. I pride myself on achieving those goals that I have set forth for myself, and am proud of my own achievements, and those accomplished by the group I am a part of.
  • I make every effort to ensure that my customers and employees are happy. I know that personal success in business is dependent on being part of a fully functional, growth oriented team.

Degrees they like

University First Class Painters is happy to accept applications from students of all academic backgrounds. However, student success will be mainly determined by student determination and motivation rather than previous experience and field of study.   

Why you'll stay

Quite simply, UFCP offers an unparalleled resume building experience for students. They offer more than just a summer job, they offer:

  • Practical business knowledge
  • A supportive, young and enthusiastic entrepreneurial environment
  • An opportunity for students to be their own boss
  • A chance to earn lots of money; the harder you work the more you earn!
  • And much, much more!

Why you'll bail

The UFCP Franchise Manager position is a unique business opportunity for students. Students will be given the opportunity to run their own business for the summer months; this will include ALL of the components of operating a business, ranging from marketing to human resources and everything in between. Without a high level of commitment and dedication, some students may find this level of responsibility overwhelming.