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Vector Marketing Canada


Across Canada, Outside of Canada

Industries: Marketing, Sales
Job Types: Contract, Full Time, Internship, Part Time, Summer Seasonal

Who are we?

We’re the company that sells CUTCO® Cutlery. Our people are diverse and fun (85% of our sales force is college-aged) and they get geeked out by awesome kitchen knives.

True, many of the people we work with never once thought about kitchen knives before they met us. But, they catch on quickly.

What’s Vector?

Vector Marketing is a single-level direct sales company that sells CUTCO®.

Back in the day there were hundreds of small independent sellers of CUTCO®. In 1981, Vector was created as an independent seller. From 1981 to 1984 Vector sold way more than all the other independent sellers.

In 1985, CUTCO Corporation (back then it was called Alcas Corporation) bought the company from its owners to replicate Vector’s success across the nation.

Now, Vector is the exclusive seller of CUTCO® Cutlery.

The Vector Marketing Corporation home office is in Olean, New York, and we have over 250 year-round, independently run locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Plus, we have over 300 more temporary locations that open each year for our peak summer season.

Newly launched: Student Wheel of Life app

We're excited to announce the launch of our new app! The purpose of the Student Wheel of Life is to help students with the major areas of focus in their lives through self-assessment. The app is now available for download on iTunes or GooglePlay. Try it out today!

What’s CUTCO?

We’re glad you asked!

CUTCO® Cutlery is a high-quality line of kitchen cutlery, kitchen accessories, and sporting knives. CUTCO® has been manufactured in Olean, New York since 1949.

We are proud to be the only high-quality cutlery line still made right here in North America.

Over 15 million homes in North America have CUTCO® in their kitchen. Why? Because the knives are freaking awesome… and guaranteed FOREVER. Our customers absolutely love them.

We sell over $200 million dollars of CUTCO® every single year.

What we believe

We believe that in order to succeed as a company, we first have to help individual people succeed.

We believe that treating someone on our team as an individual is better than applying a cookie cutter management style to someone’s personality.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional work environment so our people can give our customers ridiculously awesome customer service.

We’re proud because…

We’re one of the largest recruiters of university and college students in North America each year.

Our people develop some sweet skills while selling CUTCO®, and they build a resume that can take them anywhere.

Our people are diverse.

Our people think it’s pretty cool to give back.


We've always put our attention and focus to three core things; our people, products and programs.  Personal and professional development is something that we firmly believe in.  We provide on-going training locally, through online study, personal coaching and meetings; and both provincially and nationally, throughout conferences and development days.  If you want to learn, grow and dream, you're in the right place.

Perks and money

Many students give Vector a shot, but stay longer than they intended because of our culture.  We believe in working hard and playing hard.  We believe in rewarding people for the work they do.  Our students can enjoy incentive trips to the sunny south, ski trips, limo dinners out and fun things like iPads or TV's.

We give $23,500 in scholarship awards annually to our top student representatives however most students come to us really appreciating the base pay.  Unlike many sales organizations, we offer a floor to stand on, that isn't dependent upon sales, yet couple that with an exciting incentive side as well.

Children’s Wish Foundation

Over the years, Vector Marketing Canada has raised over $250,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. In 2014, it is expected that an additional $15,000 will be raised to help grant the wishes of seriously ill children. Vector Marketing Canada is proud of its relationship with the Children’s Wish Foundation and looks forward to sustaining a long-term commitment to this important cause.

Nothing makes us more proud of our people than their commitment to help others.

Front Row Foundation

The Front Row Foundation’s mission is to help everyone “experience life in the front row”.

Their focus is to help individuals and their families who are braving critical health challenges to live their lives to the fullest by providing front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of our recipients’ choice.

Their goal is to create magical moments that positively affect the mind, body and spirit of each person involved, including our sponsors and event organizers.

Division Manager Angie Macdougall of the Can Rock Division is a Front Row Foundation Board Member. To find out more, visit

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If you’re willing to work hard, have an open mind and a great attitude, we might be a good fit for you!

How We Do Business

We belong to the Direct Selling Association, which is the national trade association for companies who manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. All DSA members follow a strict Code of Ethics.

Here’s what that means for you:

We think that professionalism, integrity, and ethical business practices matter.

Frankly, we think that’s the only way to do business.

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Degrees we like

We have engineering students, pre-med students, arts students, science students and business students; we don't just look for one particular degree.  The skills we develop in people are transferable regardless of your career path, and the most valuable skill in this competitive environment is to learn how to sell yourself and your ideas.  

Best thing to say or do in an interview

We look for people who are willing to learn, who have a good attitude, and most of all people who are willing to explore something a little out of their comfort zone perhaps, knowing that that is where real grow occurs. 

We represent a product that is adored by the masses, so we want professional brand ambassadors. 

Worst thing to say or do in an interview

Not being your authentic self.  We pride ourselves in being a launching pad for students and recognize that you may not have the resume or CV you desire yet, but we know that won't be the case after working with us. A degree is a passport, however the soft skills in leadership, communication, networking, problem solving and presentation skills that you'll acquire with us, will set you a part from your peers in the future.  So, don't worry about being someone you're not.  There isn't just one "type" of person who excels with us, we have introverts, extroverts, athletes, musicians…  

Why you’ll stay

The opportunity to grow with people that you love spending time with.  It's a great match when you know you're pursuing your best self amongst other like-minded people.  

Why you’ll bail

We recognize this opportunity isn't for everyone, and that's certainly ok; however it is hard to see someone leave, before they have given it a full chance. We're not ordinary, but why would you want that?