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Resources and organizations to help students and grads with disabilities find jobs in Canada

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Looking for a job while also living with a disability isn’t easy, but the list of career resources we collected could make finding that next job a lot easier.

* is Canada’s top online student job network, helping post-secondary students find their first internships, co-ops, and entry-level jobs to launch their careers.


-Nationally Available Resources
*National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)
*Canadian Employers Disability Forum
*Abilities Canada
*Barrier Free Employers - Canadian Human Rights Commission
*Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities
*Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)
*Canadian Hearing Society (CHS)

-By Province:
(b) Newfoundland & Labrador
*Employability Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
(c) Prince Edward Island
*The PEI HR Toolkit: Considerations of a Diverse Workplace
(d) Nova Scotia
*Employment Support Services (ESS)
*Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (EDN)
*Services for Persons with Disabilities – LAMPD
(e) New Brunswick
*Career Development Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities
*Disability Support Program
*NB Employer Support Services to Employers
*Workforce Expansion Program – Employer Wage Incentive
(f) Quebec
*Emploi-Quebec: Persons with Disabilities
(g) Ontario
*Centre for Research on Work Disability Policy (CRWDP)
*Handbook for Accessible Employment: Under the Accessibility for *Ontarians with Disabilities Act
*Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
(h) Manitoba
*Ability Axis
*Manitoba Farmers with Disabilities
*Reaching E-Quality Employment Services
*Westman Employment Services Inc.
*Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
*Income Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
(i) Saskatchewan
*Assistance for People with Disabilities – Office of Disability Issues
*Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
*Guide to Hiring Persons with Disabilities for Saskatchewan Employers
*Workforce Development for Persons with Disabilities
(j) Alberta
*Alberta Employment First Strategy
*Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)
*Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
(k) British Columbia
*Advocacy Access Help Sheet: BC Disability Benefits
*British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability (BCAND)
*Abilities Business Cooperative
*Be Your Own Boss
*BC Centre for Ability: Employment Resource Centre
*BC Employment
*Building Opportunities with Business Inner City Society
*Built Network
*Disability Resource Network
*Gibsons Family Network (GFN)
*Link Up
*Open Door Group
*OneStop Business Registration
*The British Columbia Association of Professionals with Disabilities
*The Greater Vancouver Business Leadership Network
*Tradeworks Training Society
*Triumph Vocational Services
*Vancity A.B.L.E.D. (Advice & Business Loans for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities)
*WorkAble Solutions
*Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
(l) Northwest Territories
(m) Yukon
*Yukon Council on disABILITY
(n) Nunavut
*Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society

-Job Search Portals
(a) Nationally Available Resources
*Canadian National Institute for the Blind
*Bender Consulting Services of Canada
*Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
(b) Newfoundland & Labrador
*Avalon Employment Inc.
*Disability Employment Programs & Services – Employment Programs
*Disability Employment Programs & Services – Finding a Job
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(c) Prince Edward Island
*PEI Council of People with Disabilities – Employment Services
(d) Nova Scotia
*Collaborative Partnership Network (CPN)
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(e) New Brunswick
*Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(f) Quebec
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(g) Ontario
*The Canadian Hearing Society
*Coalition for Persons with Disabilities
*PATH Employment Services
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(h) Manitoba
*Ability Axis
*A.I.M. for Work
*Community Futures Manitoba – Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program
*Eastman Employment Services
*Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade
*Opportunities for Employment
*Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program
*Premier Choix
*Red River College – Employment Services
*Segue Career Options
*SMD – Employment Preparation Centre (EPC)
*Trailblazers Life Choices Inc.
*Society for Manitobans with Disabilities – Employment Services
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(i) Saskatchewan
*Partners in Employment
*Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC)]
(j) Alberta
*Alberta Disability Workers Association (ADWA)
*Alberta Learning Information Services – Persons with Disabilities – Working
*Resources: Community Disability Services
*Employ Abilities
(k) British Columbia
*Spinal Cord Injury Canada
(l) Yukon
*Where Disability Works
*Workplace Diversity – Services for People with Disabilities
(m) Northwest Territories
(n) Nunavut