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Direct Marketing & You (Pt. III) - David Foy - Agency59 Response

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THE GIST: In PART III, JPtv meets Agency59 Response President David Foy. After initially entering the University of Guelph with an interest in Wildlife Biology, Foy decided on a complete 180 following first semester and finished his time off at U of G with an Honours B.A. in Management Economics (now a Bachelor of Commerce). Joining Agency59 Response in 1997, Foy quickly climbed to head hauncho becoming one of the youngest presidents at the tender age of 33. With over 25 years of advertising and direct marketing experience, Foy now oversees program planning and strategy for the company's clients. He also has a mean serve on the ping pong circuit. In Part III, Foy sat down with us to discuss the grueling hours of the advertising industry, why social media plays such an important role with direct marketing, and how much travel you can expect as a young go-getter. Sit down, kick off your shoes, and enjoy!

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MARKETING & ADVERTISING SERIES: This video is part of an in-depth and ongoing series by JPtv (Jobpostings Magazine) to explore the growing industry of marketing as a career path.

SHARING THE LOVE: A huge thank you to David Foy and Agency59 Response for sitting down and talking with us. You can learn more about David Foy at, and Agency59 Response at

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