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Across Canada

Industries: Accounting, Administrative, Business, Call Centre, Electronics, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, Retail, Sales, Software, Work Abroad
Job Types: Full Time

What they do

Document services, digital imaging, computer peripherals.

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A little bit of history

Actually, it's fascinating. Xerox has a few research and development operations, where they work on everything from digital imaging to linguistics to nanotechnology. Originally named The Haloid Photographic Company, they provided photographic paper and supplies. In 1958, the company changed its named to Haloid Xerox and began selling the first plain paper copier in 1959 (now in the Smithsonian). By the sixties, Xerox had opened a research lab dedicated to xerographic research, and was moving into computers. In 1970, they opened another research lab that went on to refine the mouse and the graphical user interface, and eventually had a hand in inventing something called a computer and an internet. In many ways, early Xerox research and development labs were the predecessors to Silcon Valley. Heads up: Xerox has a somewhat layered history and corporate structure, so research thoroughly. Xerox also has one of the strongest sales forces in the world, and its research and development side is known to give employees the freedom to explore their technological ideas.

Where you can start

The best way to start at Xerox is as a Sales professional (B2B sales).

Did anyone on the executive team start at the ground and work their way up?

Quite a few, actually. John Corley moved from entry-level sales all the way up to Vice President of Marketing of Xerox's in 15 years. Brad Stanghetta started in entry-level sales at a Xerox Sales agency and is today's Vice President and General Manager of Western Canada. Eli Boushy also started in agency sales 12 years ago and today he is the director of the Indirect Channel of Sales and Marketing for Xerox Canada. Did you notice the trend in how they all got started? Yes, having a sales background at Xerox does take people a long way.  


Everywhere. 180 countries, six continents.


All of the sales offices across Canada are in prime locations, usually close to the coolest urban spots. Sales reps spend about 25% of their day in the office and the rest of it spending quality face-to-face time interacting with customers. Each Sales Professional manages a sales territory, which is divided by postal codes. 


For sales reps, you'll get trips to Las Vegas, Italy, and even Iceland. Reps can win regular gas cards, Ipads, dinners with the senior management team, sports games in the Xerox box at the ACC and more. Sales teams can even vote for prizes and how they want to be rewarded. There are also social events on a weekly basis. Work hard and play hard is the motto and for those that are competitive and want to take advantage of all the rewards- they are living the good life. 

Also, there is an Open Door policy, which means you'll see the VPs on a regular basis. For Xerox, this helps maintain an open, engaged community. And if you have questions or concerns, once a quarter, you can set up some time to discuss future career plans.


They were named one of Diversity Inc's Top 50 Employer's for Diversity in 2014, rated as one of the top 10 companies in hiring minorities, women, disabled, and gay and lesbian employees by Fortune, Forbes, Working Mother, Latino Style, and Enable magazines. Xerox's LGBT community (called GALAXE) has been in existence for 20 years (20 years!). The current CEO of Canada is female, and the  global CEO is an African-American female. For Xerox, diversity isn't a program, it's just who they are.

Social/environmental responsibility

Xerox invests $12.5 million in various charities and initiatives each year, runs a foundation devoted to community service, and actively supports the United Way, plus a myriad of other fundraisers. You'll have days where you leave from work as a group and volunteer as a team working at a homeless shelter, for example. Xerox believes they owe something back to communities they work in, and if you look at their history, you'll see they've had these programs in place for a very long time. Again, like their Diversity initiatives, this isn't something they do because it's trendy; it's who they are.

Upon joining Xerox, you’ll be placed in our 24-month Professional Sales Academy where you’ll receive the learning and onboarding you need to succeed as a Xerox Authorized Agent. Post program, you’ll be instilled with leadership skills and rewarded with mentorship opportunities and career growth. Whether your path leads to a career with Xerox Canada or its Authorized Agencies, you’ll find your place anywhere within the business from sales and marketing, to HR and training, to analysts and beyond.

Typical career timeline for Xerox Authorized Agents

Zero to six months: Join our robust sales program where you’ll engage in in-class and online learning, training, and mentorship.

Six to 12 months: Development continues, where you’ll learn about the sales function and begin to independently understand the Xerox business.

12 to 18 months: You’ll take on larger deals and potentially expand by territory, product, and solution coverage.

18 to 24 months: You’ll work on your leadership skills, become a Xerox Approved Mentor with increased earnings and the chance of promotion.

24 to 30 months: Launch your full fledged sales career and transition into your next role with Xerox Canada or at a Xerox Authorized Agency.

Xerox Authorized Agencies


Xerox recruiters review your resumé, and filter according to the role’s requirements and your skill set.


Between 20–30 minutes in length, this is the recruiters’ first contact with you.


If you’re successful in the phone screening, you’ll take an online assessment and conduct a video interview. Assessments take roughly 45 minutes to one hour to complete and you’re given a 48-hour window to submit your work.


Within one to two weeks from initial contact, the Xerox hiring manager will conduct an in-house interview, allowing you to speak to your skills and knowledge of the company and role. The interview is approximately 30 minutes to one-hour long.


A half-day project, you will job shadow an existing account manager within their territory. You’ll also have the chance to demonstrate your passion for sales through role playing exercises with sales managers.


Hurray! Within two to three weeks after first contact and upon successful completion of Step Five, you will receive a formal offer from the Xerox hiring manager.

Degrees they like

For the sales side, they’re looking at BComm’s, business, marketing and communications degrees. An entrepreneurship background will dazzle them. If you have a psychology or sociology degree, you’ll do well at Xerox too. 

How to apply

For sales roles, click here!

How long before you hear back, and what'll happen when you do

Typically, you’ll have a callback within a two to three week period, and then there will be a phone interview, plus a video interview online. Next is an online sales knowledge assessment (45 minutes, 32 questions in total, and there is no need for prep) then a face-to-face with a hiring manager, followed by a day in the field, a role play, and then a final round interview. They are selective in their hiring, and will use a profiling system where they are looking at you holistically.

Best thing to say in an interview

Know what their company does. Know the job description inside and out, and be prepared with real-life examples. If they say in the job description “goal-orientated” be prepared to provide examples of just that. Follow up with a nice email (but don’t be desperate and over-do it), and continue to show Xerox that you have a true passion about the opportunity.

Worst thing to say in an interview

Anything that demonstrates a lack of focus, or a lack of true commitment to pursuing the role. So, if you’re applying for a sales role, but you talk about wanting to be in marketing, it’s not going to go over so well.

Why you’ll stay

Ability to explore different areas in a short amount of time. After 18 to 24 months in a role, there’s a good chance you’ll be on your way up.

Why you’ll bail

Other than the fact that you may have taken a role that isn’t what you want, we couldn’t find a popular reason for leaving Xerox.

Where can your career go with Xerox?

You are not limited. As Xerox promotes from within, you have the opportunity to move where you want. They have rapid succession planning, and typically, a person will stay in a role for 18 to 24 months, and then it’s almost a given that you’ll move into a new role.

Continuous learning

Xerox has a personal development process where new hires work closely with their manager on where they want to go, and what they need to get there. A program called Access to Learning@Xerox, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, gives you access to 3,000 online courses and 10,000 digital books and reference aids. There are also expert-led courses on xerography and colour science. Their mentoring program is regarded as one of the most successful, with 45 percent of managers participating. 


You'll get a total benefits package, customizable to your needs. Flexible working arrangements are also available. A work-life balance is important at Xerox. 

Employees are also paid a gas allowance on a monthly basis and can win quarterly bonuses if they are over plan by set targets.