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About Us

Passion Inc. was founded in 1994 by brothers Mark and Nathan Laurie from their student residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia with $500 in savings and the dream of graduating from Dalhousie University debt-free. While studying full-time, the brothers built a company supplying university residences with free wall calendars that helped students stay organized and allowed advertisers to reach the elusive 18–24 year old market. Passion Inc. has been ranked by Profit Magazine as one of Canada's fastest growing companies. In 1997 it was the ACE/CIBC Student Entrepreneurs of the Year and in 2000 the BDC recognized us as the Top Young Entrepreneurs in Ontario. That same year the EDC selected Passion Inc. as the Top Young Exporters in Canada. In February 2004, we received the Arthur Kroeger Management Award from Carleton University as a result of our unique business model.

Passion Inc. believes in building its business on making a difference. The two biggest issues Passion Inc. is working on right now are youth employment and the Public School System. We would like Canadians to learn from Passion Inc. and use it as a model for building a different type of company that focuses its energy on social issues. Our rapid growth is proof that the private sector can successfully build a business based on helping people. This theme is woven through our company's fabric and affects every decision we make.

Passion Inc. is made up of three divisions focused on making a difference:

jobpostings is Canada's largest campus recruiting network for university and college students. We put the millennial generation face-to-face with cover stories on hot topics, the latest news on employment trends, information on internships and co-op placements, part-time job opportunities, job hunting and career advice, and in-depth features on real jobs in industries coast to coast. We’re here to bridge the gap between students and the employers, as well as the educational institutions they want to hear about.

Our clients advertise to recruit students nationally through our online Career Guides and through jobpostings Magazine and the Grad School Planning Guide. The magazine is distributed directly to faculty buildings, as well as to campus career centres. It is the only student magazine in North America (published each September). Over two million students read jobpostings every year to help them find their first job upon graduation. Students also use our job sites to look for opportunities online.

Target Student Marketing sells brand ads in all of the publications that Passion Inc. produces. Companies targeting first year students advertise on our Poster Wall Calendars, which are placed in over 385,000 student residence rooms at top universities and colleges across North America. This annual publication is unique because of the intimate and exclusive advertising opportunity it presents to our Fortune 500 clients. Companies targeting students in their graduating year advertise in jobpostings Magazine or on because all students in their final year have one concern in common: finding a job.

applytoeducation was built in 1998 to save teachers, private employers and school boards time and money by centralizing teacher applications into a user-friendly, online database.

Passion Inc. purchased applytoteach in February 2003 because the government wanted us to market the website nationally so the benefits could be shared with more users. applytoteach allows teachers to fill out one application and e-courier it to multiple School Board job postings. Because teachers only have to fill out an application once, it saves them time and money because they no longer have to photocopy, mail or fax their application portfolio.

We go everywhere. jobpostings magazine is a CCAB audited campus magazine with a national distribution to every major college and university campus in the country (excluding exclusively French-speaking institutions). Add to that our website and e-magazine and you’re assured of reaching Canada's post-secondary student population anywhere, anytime.

When you advertise with us, you’re joining forces with the country's largest on-campus recruitment network, with 11 publications and a 24/7 online presence. Our team has over 40 years combined experience in campus recruitment, and we put our knowledge to work for you. Jobpostings helps your company reach campuses you can't visit in person, making sure you're on the radar of all Canada's top candidates. Raise your company's profile on campus and generate a new lead source of potential candidates, or drive student traffic back to your recruitment portal—we build our business on helping you make a difference.