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The pressures of school and work can undoubtedly feel overwhelming. Students have a ton on their plate, including school lectures, assignments, and work. They must balance school payments and also perform well in class, (that’s a lot on one’s plate). As Will Smith famously said to his cousin Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “Man, it’s like there isn’t enough hours in the day, man.” So how do you find the balance?  

Well I have a unique solution for you. I don’t know how to add more hours to the day, but I do know the answer to balance is by building energy.  

Here’s a small reminder on everyday ways to build energy: Get enough sleep, eat healthier, exercise daily, and stay organized. But there is one technique that brings it all together: Meditation.  

Meditation should be part of your routine as it can enhance everything. If you don’t know what meditation is, it’s essentially the art of spending quiet time internally and externally, resulting in relaxation. Meditation can work wonders for anyone! 

Meditating daily for just five to 10 minutes can help mentally and physically. It can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety attacks, joint pains, headaches, ulcers, insomnia, and muscle pains while, at the same time, strengthen your immune system and activate sensors in the body not normally active. Mentally, it boosts creativity and happiness, sharpens focus, and develops your intuition.  

When both school and professional work piles on, students naturally have a very tough time managing the situation. Meditating is beneficial as it could be the solution to sleeping better, eating right, and staying focused.  

First, find a quiet space and relax your body in a comfortable position—such as sitting crossed legged, sitting up, or even lying down. Next, close your eyes. Here’s the tricky part: Think about absolutely nothing. Imagine you are a computer shutting down. This is very difficult but it clears your mind. If you are new to meditation, this will be the hardest part as random thoughts will cross your mind like, “What am I going to eat for lunch?” or “Meditating is weird.” When you get the hang of it, you will immediately find your mind getting sharper and your body feeling brand new.  

It’s a small kept secret to success that gets overlooked. Arguably, the greatest basketball player of all time Michael Jordan revealed after retirement that he used to meditate before games. He even visualized what he would do on the court. He attributes meditating to being one of his keys to success. Many professional basketball players later followed in his footsteps.  

Five to 10 minutes of meditating after only one week will produce imminent results. Your new found energy will allow you to work with more focus which in turn will enhance the quality of your work. You will feel rejuvenated and carry a high vibe. And once you become a meditating veteran, you can even plug visuals into your mind which work as blueprints for what you wish to achieve.  

Photos: diego_cervo/Thinkstock