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As you venture into your early career search, you’ll learn job hunting doesn’t only require you to email application after application in hopes of landing an interview. Being able to build relationships right from the get-go will show employers you’re passionate about your career choice and interested in what they have to offer. But don’t only start at the interview stage; instead, begin building relationships prior to applying for the job. There are many opportunities for you to do so—in person through campus recruiting events and online through social media.

BDO, one of Canada’s leading accounting and advisory firms and member of the fifth largest accounting network in the world has built a reputation of client service excellence through a focus on relationships. “We focus on relationships from all angles: with clients, our people, and community. That will always set the firm apart for me,” says Heather Glen, HR generalist at BDO Canada. “If a candidate shows a positive attitude, works well with others, and goes above and beyond in the community—that’s who we want on our team.”

The importance of face-to-face networking

With the heart of BDO expertise being in client work, relationship-building is highly ranked among the required skills. “Our staff have a lot of face time with clients and partners, so they must have strong communication and interpersonal skills,” says Paul Vetrone, audit manager at BDO Canada. “Connecting with me at recruiting events or online allows me to assess how well candidates can interact with people.”

Vetrone advises students that preparation is key. “It shows they have a genuine interest in working for the firm and in their career.” He adds that co-op and graduate roles aren’t just a stepping stone for students getting out of university. “It’s about continuous learning with a firm that supports career growth.”

The ability to build relationships is what sets one candidate apart from another, adds Glen. “When candidates attend campus events they need to be professional, but my advice is don’t be afraid to show your unique personality. This is how we remember candidates and it helps us determine their fit with our clients and colleagues.”

The online recruitment experience

Today most people begin their job search online. Students and recent grads interested in careers at BDO are encouraged to reach out to recruiters to build relationships.

And social media has definitely impacted the way young people look for jobs. Glen encourages students to connect with BDO through the company’s social accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, as well as their recruiters on these platforms.

“I think students who connect with BDO Campus on Twitter and our recruiters just elevates that connection. Whether it’s about an opportunity right now or down the road, social media allows us to engage in valuable conversations,” she says, adding that BDO also uses their social platforms to inform students about life at BDO, events, job opportunities, and community work.

To find out more about career opportunities and events, BDO welcomes all students and recent grads to follow and engage in conversation on their BDOcampus Twitter account. Campus Events can also be found on their website.

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