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There is a growing number of Canadians who are turning to their local community pharmacist for much more than their traditional prescription needs. Pharmacists are medication management experts, and provincial authorities have recognized their value by expanding their scope of practice. Pharmacists today are providing a wide range of innovative patient care services including medication reviews, prescribing, and ordering lab tests.

Pharmacists and physicians are collaborating even more to monitor chronic diseases and deliver wellness programs such as immunization services. The pharmacist can focus on providing convenient refills, emergency supply, prescription adaptations and initiation of drug therapy for minor ailments. Together, the pharmacists and physicians can ensure the right person is focused on the right task with accessibility, positive patient health outcomes, as well as keeping health care dollars top-of-mind.

How can Loblaw support pharmacists during a time when the delivery of health care services is changing so quickly?

We strive to be a leader in the provision of cost effective patient care services that demonstrates our value. Loblaw expects our pharmacists and technicians to practice to the full extent of their knowledge and skills, and deliver excellent patient care and customer satisfaction while broadening their career opportunities. Loblaw supports our pharmacists by providing educational tools and reimbursement for training opportunities like Smoking Cessation, Injections, and advanced training such as Alberta's Additional Prescribing Authority (APA). Our goal is to have at least one pharmacist with an APA designation in every Alberta location by the end of the year.

The individual development and growth of our pharmacists is fundamental at Loblaw. In fact, one of the Loblaw core value revolves around getting better every day.  Our pharmacists provide a wide variety of health clinics that increase patient awareness about risks and healthy lifestyle choices.  We are very proud of our partnership with food and the opportunity we have to partner with our dietitians who can provide nutritional counselling unique to each individual's needs.

Loblaw will continue to be a leading provider of professional healthcare services as we encourage and support these changes.

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