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With a combination of aging baby boomers, improved medicine, and increasing technological methods, as well as a massive worldwide movement for better health, the medical field has no shortage of medical professionals. We've compiled some resources on medial careers you may not have considered.

Medical Aesthetician

Medical aestheticians work with the reconstruction or physical improvement of a patient's face. They usually work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons by offering such services as medical peels, laser hair removal, and reconstructive surgery. Canada Beauty College offers a diploma in medical aesthetics.

Holistic Nurse

Holistic health looks at treating the entire body rather than focusing on curing the specific disease or illness through changing a patient's lifestyle. Holistic health is all about the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and environment. Holistic nursing is a specialization after receiving a nursing degree.


Orthopedists work with prosthetic and orthotic devices to help align a patient's posture through spinal or limb realignment. George Brown offers a program for a degree as a prosthetic-orthotic technician.


If the sight of blood and needles does not affect you, then a certificate as a phlebotomist would be a great addition to your health degree. Phlebotomists collect blood transfusions and tests, a very necessary process of many other streams in health care. Stenberg College offers a certificate program in phlebotomy.

Poison Information Provider

Part of a poison control board, the poison information provider has a background in health or nursing with experience in her field. This person is the one a person calls with regards to any poison control issues, but also offers training and treatment recommendations to other health care professionals.

Health Inspector

A health inspector physically oversees and inspects establishments to ensure that governmental health and safety policies are met. In order to become a public health inspector, you must receive your Certified Public Health Inspector (Canada), CPHI(C) certification.

Elder Care Specialist/Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide

With the aging baby boomers, many will need constant care in nursing homes or luxury retirement communities. Consider a degree in health information technology that combines applying health education with planning and evaluating skills. Home health aides generally travel to a patient's home or act as live-in nurses, and you can view NorQuest College's health care aide program for more information.

Medical Office Assistant or Healthcare Manager

The administrative and clinical duties of a medical office are done by a medical office assistant who is educated in medical terminology and procedures in order to communicate effectively between doctors and patients. View more information to learn about a medical office assistant certificate and degree.

Alternatively, healthcare administrators look after the behind-the-scenes duties of an entire health care facility or department. They deal with budgets, policy decisions, and managing personnel. Athabasca has a bachelor's program for health administration.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacists dispense prescribed medications to patients in a variety of locations'hospitals, long-term facilities, pharmacies'as well as answer questions and perform administrative duties. Visit University of Waterloo's School of Pharmacyor Humber's pharmacy technician diploma for more information.

Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, and Reflexologist

Massage therapists use manual methods to holistically reduce pain, stress, and trauma to the body and its muscles. Learn more by looking at a massage therapy program.

Physical therapy, on the other hand, uses medical devices and tools to rehabilitate the body (muscles and skeleton) of impairments and disabilities to promote mobility in the area of concern. Look at University of Toronto's physical therapydepartment for more information.

Reflexology, although an unproven medical field, applies physical pressure to specific parts of the body in order to restore alignment. Visit the Academy of Reflexology for more information.

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Nutritionist or Dietitian

When it comes to what people are putting into their bodies and how that affects their health, a nutritionist or dietitian will make a great life coach. Nutritionists, on one hand, are government-regulated and their work is heavily based in science. Dietitians are more holistic in their approach to health by looking at one's lifestyle and environment, and makes meal plans and diet advice accordingly. Follow this link to learn more about the difference between a nutritionist and dietitian, and check out McGill's website for information on programs.

Health and Wellness Professional or Trainer

A health or wellness coach acts as a personal guide for individuals or businesses looking to change their lives for the better. Wellness plans can include diet and exercise routines; corporate wellness plans involve increasing productivity and job satisfaction among employees. If interested in becoming a life coach, click here.

A personal (or athletic) trainer specifically deals with the overall physical fitness and health of her clients. Visit Humber to see their fitness and health promotion program.

Medical Scientist

A medical scientist will spend his time in a lab researching diseases and illnesses to find cures. Find out more with University of Western Ontario's bachelor of medical sciences degree.


Anesthesiologists are not only trained to perform preoperative procedures (like administering anesthetics), they also look after the well-being of a patient during and post-operation. The University of Calgary offers a pre-med degree in anesthesia.

Disability Health Advocate

Disability health advocates help people with disabilities live as normal a life as possible by aiding them in everyday situations. Ryerson offers a degree in disability studies. Degrees in psychology, health, or social work are also beneficial.


A midwife provides supervision, care, and advice to women during pregnancy, labour, and after birth. See Laurentian's midwifery program details for more information.            

Substance Abuse Counsellor

A specific area of social services and health sciences, substance abuse counseling helps people overcome addiction and get their lives back on track. Addiction education is offered at McMaster University.

Dental Assistant

As a dentist's right-hand man or woman, a dental assistant helps with taking care of a client before and during dental procedures. To review the education requirements for dental assisting, see Niagara College's website.

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists (or speech and language therapists) specialize in communication and swallowing disorders by assessing, diagnosing, and creating a treatment plan to develop the communication potential of patients. McGill offers a masters in speech-language pathology.

As you can see from the above options, becoming a doctor isn't the only medical career out there, so find out where your interest lies and choose the right program for you!

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