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Among its employees, Alberta Health Services (AHS) has a reputation for offering a compassionate, collaborative and rewarding workplace experience. Better yet, being Alberta’s largest employer, Canada’s fifth largest employer, and Canada’s biggest single health authority, the extensive breadth of available AHS positions means there are plenty of opportunities to expand your career – you just have to look for it. With so many options across the province, it’s a place where anyone can grow their career in any direction.

Although her education had trained her in a generalist capacity, working within the AHS organization has opened Kathryn M.’s eyes to opportunity. Five years ago, beginning her career right after graduation as a Temporary Human Resources Assistant, Kathryn was exposed and trained in the many departments of Human Resources, allowing her to set her sights on specializing in Talent Acquisition.

Today, Kathryn is an Advisor in Talent Acquisition. After only three years in her primary role, she attained her desired specialization.

Hands-on training

From internal auditing to debt and investment management, the transition from a theory-based education in accounting to immersive and hands-on training with the AHS has helped everything ‘click’ for Jennifer C. As a CPA Articling Student, her role with the AHS has given her the tools she needs for the real world.

In addition, the evolution of responsibility is a pleasant surprise for Jennifer. The position as an Articling Student is more than she could have hoped. “It’s definitely not a temporary position,” she says. “Over the two years, you’re given greater responsibility and more control over projects and your own success.”

With everyone on the team having completed the Legacy Designation she is currently attempting to achieve, Jennifer is also grateful for the mentorship from her colleagues.

Support and encouragement

Beginning a nine-month supernumerary position with the AHS, Coreen R. finally understands the nursing school joke about ‘real life nursing.' Having not heard about the role until it was offered to her, Coreen was thrilled to find the AHS had a position for new grads that allowed her to work alongside a Registered Nurse, easing the transition from school to career.

But just because Coreen no longer in school doesn’t mean she’s put down the books. Coreen’s manager is incredibly supportive of her education and development, encouraging her to attend as many courses and educational sessions as she wants. “If I feel uncomfortable in any area, my manager is willing to get me the extra training or send me somewhere that my needs will be met,” she says.

Abundant resources

Opportunity to learn and develop is a benefit that’s organization-wide. Employees can take a variety of courses in classroom seminar, webinar, or combination formats on a range of relevant topics, from current best-practices for health care providers to leadership development. In some cases, these courses can be used towards professional development credits that are required to maintain employees’ professional designation. In addition, employees can find support for additional training and certification from external organizations as well. 

With the ability to allocate funds to a TFSA, RRSP or personal spending, Kathryn also opted to apply her flex benefits to additional education, in addition to being provided with Talent Acquisition Strategist designation training through her department. She has recently completed the Career and Academic Advising Certificate through the University of Alberta thanks to AHS’ flex benefits.

For Jennifer C., her position is all about giving her the opportunity to grow, learn and develop her career. Though she plans to move into financial client support and business advisory services, Jennifer isn’t done learning yet: “I think I would like to learn more and try out different departments … see different sides of accounting, maybe managerial accounting and budgeting.”

Endless opportunities

All looking forward to expanding their careers and taking on more complex responsibilities, Jennifer, Kathryn, and Coreen are excited to see where their careers with AHS brings them.

“There’s a lot of opportunity in accounting, so depending on what you like, AHS pretty much has it all,” Jennifer laughs.

“And because we’re a provincial organization,” Kathryn adds, “everyone has the opportunity to grow provincially – so if you’re open to relocation, it increases your opportunities across the province.”

No matter what your role is, Alberta Health Services not only supports you in your professional development but encourages you to evolve. With an organization like AHS, you never know where your career can take you – why not find out?

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